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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mike Feuer In The News

It's a sure sign that something's in the wind when two blogs independently report on the same career politician.

The Mayor Sam Blog today reported that "Assemblyman Mike Feuer is this year's recipient of the Stanley Mosk Defender of Justice Award for authoring legislation to create a first in the nation pilot project that establishes the right to counsel for low income people in critical civil cases. The award is sponsored by the California Judicial Council."

The report drew a snarky comment that Feuer bore "a remarkable resemblance to Groucho Marx," so we did a little research...

Some say that Assemblyman for the 42nd California Assembly District
Mike Feuer bears a strong resemblance to Groucho Marx
You decide.

Over at the Los Angeles Dragnet Blog, Feuer was mentioned as one of nine potential candidates for the 2012 District Attorney election.

According to Dragnet: "Feuer is a former City Councilmember who came very close to beating Rocky Delgadillo in the 2001 race for City Attorney. Feuer is a Westside Democrat who enjoys substantial support from the well healed West Los Angeles community … His ability to garner substantial financial support from the Westside community makes him a very viable candidate."

So a Justice Award and a rumor about running for Los Angeles District Attorney, and the fact that Feuer is termed out in 2012. Maybe it's just a coincidence?


Anonymous said...

Identical twins separated at birth.

Anonymous said...

Which one is Feuer?

Anonymous said...

This blog sucks! What's happened? Has Carmen the Clown stopped paying you to write puff pieces for him?

Rumor has it that Carmen the Clown Trutanich is set to bail out of city hall and move on to richer pickings. The Clown's been telling his trusted koolaide drinkers that he's leaving the city attorney's office and heading for the DA's office with a John Shalman managed campaign. The Clown's going to run as a TRUe DA for LA, and will vilify his former bff Cooley in the process.

The Clown has made a lot of enemies as city attorney, politicals and among his own staff. Someone's already started an anti-Trutanich blog, so stand by for all of Nooooch's skeletons to come out of the closet.

So far the list of skeletons includes:
using city workers to host fundraisers
lying about the so-called Bureau of Investigations
lying about serving a full first term
demolishing the Neighborhood Prosecutor program
firing all the school safety prosecutors
grandstanding over "criminal aspects" to the Michael Jackson's memorial, and
taking contributions from AEG after dropping the investigation into so-called "criminal aspects"

No wonder they call you a Clown, and no wonder someone's set up the TRUe Is False website.

Anonymous said...

Whoever is running this anti-Trutanich blog is playing with fire. Trutanich will find them and crush them like little bugs. If the rumor is true that it's run by his own people, then they better watch out because City Hall's a small place, and they will be discovered.

I didn't vote for Trutanich but I was impressed with some of the people who he had on his transition team. Nearly all of them now won't comment if asked about whether they made a HUGE mistake in supporting him.